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Big hello and welcome, this post would be fairly short and sweet (no pun intended) but I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce myself to you sweet tooth fanatics. I don't know how you found me it could of been a random Instagram post I made which lead you here, maybe you was actually was looking for something else but yet found yourself staring a cakes and thinking seriously WTF am I spending my precious time on! But am glad you made it here to read this and to be part of my cakey and motherhood journey.

I am 29 years old and a mother to one little boy that pretty much thinks he is Donatello (Ninja Turtle) I spent most of my twenties fluttering through jobs until I fell pregnant. After I had Lennon I felt like I spent my time planning for yearly events, Birthday, Christmas, Christening, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary and so on. Every event included a cake, party styling endless hours of staring at Pintrest. I always loved baking and as my mother would tell anyone that would listen......Kristina use to the love the kitchen and made the best apple crumble ever when she was young. Than she started drinking! Well motherhood stopped me drinking Wednesday -Sunday and I found myself back in the kitchen. I know more about cake trends than I do fashion trends now a days and on my birthday and Christmas wish list a new cake stand is always a firm contender. So am now here in 2017 starting a new cake business Petal love Crumbs..............because flowers always look good on a cake and a cake always leads to crumbs.

Lets make cakey dreams together in 2017!



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